Biomedizinische Forschung

Blood analysis at Biomedical Research

In both human and veterinary medicine, blood tests are one of the most important routine analyses for determining the state of a patient's health. A large number of biomarkers provide information about certain symptoms. In preclinical trials as well, information from blood analysis is an increasingly important tool, and it is no longer possible to imagine modern research without it.


Three automated, veterinary diagnostic analysis systems are available for:

  • A complete blood count
  • Clinical chemical analysis: Choose from among 29 different parameters to receive an ion, metabolite and/or enzyme profile specifically tailored to your problem

What we need:

  • Blood count: Only 20 µL fresh EDTA whole blood
  • Clinical chemical parameters: EDTA or heparin plasma or serum; 20 to 200 µL sample material (depending on the type and number of desired parameters)

Both lithium heparin and EDTA tubes can be obtained at Biomedical Research. If desired, our animal care or veterinary medicine staff can draw blood.


Registration for blood analysis is possible 3 workdays (blood counts) or 14 workdays (clinical chemistry) before the desired analysis appointment.