Biomedizinische Forschung

Biomedical Research offers different animal care systems at different hygiene levels in accordance with the specific needs of the research groups.

Under the specified lab hygiene conditions, pathogens that worsen the momentary health status defined by the current FELASA results may not be introduced into any of the areas.

  • Conventional area (individually ventilated cages (IVC) and open-top cages (OTC)): Research groups have access
  • Experimental SPF area (IVC): If increased hygiene requirements are necessary; research groups have access after receiving appropriate training
  • SPF area (IVC): Introduction into the SPF area is only possible upon proof of SPF conditions (health certificate from the large FELASA test series) or after an embryo transfer is conducted; research groups do not have access


IVC....Individually ventilated cages

SPF....Specific pathogen-free

Contact: Director Animal Facility

Stephan Kurat 
Roseggerweg 48, 8036 Graz